Art Crush: David Booth

Art Crush: David Booth

Artist Website:

When I First Fell Inlove: In 2010 while studying at Tafe I watched a documentary which was aired on ABC TV Artscape back in 2009. The documentary was about Ghostpatrol and Miso and their collaborations in Street Art.

About Their Work:  Check out this video by Creativemornings HQ

What I Love About Their Work:  I’m a big fan of the imaginative, whimsical and innocence of his drawings and I love exploring the worlds he creates with the characters he draws. I’ve never been to Melbourne to have had an opportunity to see his street work in person, though it’s definitely on my list of things I’d like to see if I ever get the chance. I really respect and enjoy his perspective on his work and the why and how of what he enjoys. To me, this is what makes his work really awesome.

My Favourites of Their Work:

Pencil Art Illustrations




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