Crush: Jessica Todd Harper

Art Crush: Jessica Todd Harper

Artist Website:

When I First Fell Inlove: 

I stumbled across Jessica Harpers website a few months ago when I was researching portrait photography styles and I was immediately captivated by her photographs.

About Their Work:

What I Love About Their Work:

As someone who loves taking photographs of my kids and family, I’m enthralled with the composition and intimacy of her portraits. Her photographs are taken with care and thought put into the details to give the viewer deeper meaning that is subjective. People can relate to her pictures coming from their experiences with their own families.

We often create nostalgic memories of our childhood or moments in time and in Harpers work it seems me that nostalgia is perfectly ingrained; You can’t really tell if you’re looking at something present day, past or of something to come.

The intimacy I love in her work, comes from the honesty that is transported with the moments captured, some of which highlight matters which we might not want other people to see or know about our own families. Being able to relate to difficult family life and/or relationships is something I believe that we all appreciate but hold shame for at the same time. This is what probably drew me to her work the most.

My Favourite of Their Works:

Interior Exposure 2008
Self Portrait with Marshall 2008

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