Day 1: NaNoWriMo

Just about 4 days ago a friend of mine posted something on facebook which caught my attention. I clicked through to NaNoWriMo and after having a good snoop into what it was all about, I decided why not give it a go.

Why not take a challenge. I’m all about that these days…. yup! I’d had a plot line I’d been messing with in my head and spent a few hours on Sunday bringing it all together with a bit of planning. Something I don’t usually do, but could see being a useful option for me and decided to go that route.

The biggest hurdle I create for myself now is trying to edit as I go. Which won’t help me in the race to put down 50,000 words by Nov the 30th.  I’m looking forward to giving this a go and seeing what I can learn about myself in the process. More exciting than that, however, is the possibility of meeting some new people who I might have some things in common with.

So my count for today so far is 3892 words and I know I’m not finished for today. I’ll check in with my progress as I go… should be fun/interesting/nuts/enlightening.


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