WPC: Path

I feel like I’ve been finding my Path all year and there is no end in sight for how far I’m going to be traveling. I’m accustomed to changes, turns, and choices that come up which affect the direction of my “path”. More than anything I think this year has been a development in accepting uncertainty and learning to ebb and flow more fluidly.

Over the last week, I have moved into a space of self-doubt and can feel a storm cloud brewing beside my ears. The rumbling of negativity is patient, and waiting for the right moment to seize me with lightning bolts to my sensibility.

Yes, this week I feel dark. I feel drawn to trying to make a plan to keep it all from crumbling beneath me… but I lack the motivation to action this. Instead, I just keep swimming between points of complete busy chaos and reclusion.

My creative brain is being stunted, I need run to wild…

3 thoughts on “WPC: Path

  1. These are stunning photos. The use of monochrome is so effective in expressing the minimalist approach. On the other hand, I also heart the path to the horizon. Some of the best images for this challenge. Nah, actually the best images I’ve seen this week.

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