My first trip to Melbourne

I was too scared to travel with my camera to Melbourne so all of these are taken with my iPhone camera. And no, I don’t have those fancy attachments! I completely feel in love with the buildings, the Structure of the city, the street art and THE FOOD!!!! OMG!!!

I’m smitten and can’t wait to get over there again to explore everything I didn’t get a chance to!

This was my first official trip outside of Western Australia as well as flying on an Airplane. So there had been a bit of anxiety leading up to the day, fretting over luggage weight and the logistics of actually being on a plane. However, it was all rather easy to navigate and it was most definitely worth it to have been able to overcome those fears.

Melbourne will have a little piece of my heart now, as I dream of her rich old buildings, wicked art culture and the cafes. One of the very awesome stops we made along the way was to the ACMI the Film, TV, Games, Digital Culture & Arts Museum. I highly recommend a visit there if you ever find yourself over there!


Also, if anybody has any tips on travelling with their camera please leave me some advice in the comments!!! 


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