Review: Crazy Horse Paris Melbourne 2017



Forever Crazy – Crazy Horse Paris has bought its salacious and genius collaborative production to Australia. The titillating Parisian show is celebrating 65 years of seduction, glamour and eroticism and as an avid lover of the artful undress, I didn’t bare to miss out!

Forever Crazy is the female nude show that even your grandmother will go to, and she’ll take your grandpa too! Of course, she might have mistaken it for something more traditional with feathers and a chorus line, like Moulin Rouge maybe. An awkward but amusing observation I heard from punters sitting around the tables beside me at the Melbourne Crown Theatre at the intermission on August 19. I wondered whether insecure women might be shuffling to cover the eyes of their men in a horrified realisation that they have spent over $200 to inadvertently give their husbands a boner. It’s ok love, that’s why you got the seats with the champagne included!

Crazy Horse Paris first opened its doors in 1951 with Alain Bernardin bringing a diverse new cabaret of nude female dancers and spectacular opulence to the stage. The shows use well-depicted symbology of the female form, our innate sense of desire and the influences of modern art as well as cultural changes to create heart palpating, immortalising shows. Lip licking patrons have been immersing themselves for over six decades in something that some might deem, “just” a bunch of identical looking partially nude females dancing with lights being played across their bodies.

I guess, but only if you are that kind of obtuse show goer. These shows defy the notion that a woman’s body is shameful, taking eroticism and sensuality out of coin booths and showcasing a splendorous ancient art form in a way that makes patrons dig deep to see naked women dancing.

A new management team was established in 2006 with female Andree` Deissenberg becoming General Manager of Creation & Development and with her a whole revival in Cabaret and Crazy Horse. Deissenberg bought world-renowned guest stars and artists like Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, Arielle Domasle and Conchita Wurst to collaborate and perform making Crazy Horse a show that captured audiences wide and far.

The girls of Crazy Horse Paris dance with gorgeous perky smiles that are alluring and free. Indeed, they make being naked on stage look like the most natural thing to be doing and yet we must know it’s not as simple as that. Dazzling costumes designed by Roselyn Diouy, adorned by the dancers, accentuate their flesh and beauty as they skilfully move as glamorous, grinding stage goddesses. Their iconic red-soled Louboutin heels, step, sway, wiggle and saunter as legs hypnotise and tease the audience. It’s exciting and delicious to watch. Forever Crazy is a wonderful montage of sexy vignettes with exquisite details and precision down to the exact shade of red lips as audience feast eyes upon what we all commonly understand as the rules for seduction.

Choreographer, Philippe Decoufle` creates Crazy Horse routines, which tell the stories of our deepest fantasies as well as offer commentary on world events, like the Crash of 2008. This striptease number is fiercely cliche` but sophisticated and really fucking clever.

The show is insightful to many issues that regard this show most definitely as much for women as it is for men. The iconic set “Baby Buns” is a sweet and catchy tune by Jacques Morali, featuring a polka dot lights splayed across dancing bare bums. The gorgeous women of Crazy Horse Strut in perfection. I wondered how many women in the room could relate to its reference that women understand the stresses of being cat-called or even worse groped in public without consent.

The trademark opening show for Crazy Horse since 1989 – God Save Our Bare Skin – is an ode to English Military with the girls svelte curves barely covered in clever uniforms wearing tall bearskin hats and black boots. The dancers march together with their breasts thrust up and forward with unapologetic pride. It was a soul connection for me at that point as it felt like a big “FUCK YOU” to the man! Any man, men, women, and humans that shame the female form and play into the double standards of censorship, specifically the monstrosity that is the rage about the uncovered female nipple.

Forever Crazy, Crazy Horse Paris is the ultimate celebration of femininity, creativity, humour and sophisticated elegance, inspiring women to embrace their power, charisma, and beauty. To be Forever Crazy. To be themselves.


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