Happy Dez

10 things that make me really happy…

  1. Spending time in nature; at the Beach, a lush park, lake or in the hills looking over the city are an instant mood booster for me. Being in peaceful spaces makes me feel peaceful.
  2. Getting to know my kids more and more as they grow up. These kids of mine are full of fire, questioning, creativity, humor and while the older boys wont admit it- compassion. ( I spend a lot of time questioning my parenting- and it’s these traits about my offspring that really cement the fact that I’m doing an ok job)
  3. An extension of the second in some ways- Getting to know, love and understand my parents. There’s been a time in my life that I was unreachable and not just physically. Being a parent now and having experienced small tastes of what it’s like to have a child not feel as happy as other kids, I can’t even begin to imagine what having me as a child would have been like.
  4. Having a fucking pristine clean house. Look I shouldn’t have to explain this because it’s obvious right? Your mind can’t be clear if your house isn’t clear- I mean they’ve written books on this shit.
  5. FOOD.
  6. TV shows, Books, Movies, Music that grab onto my insides and like, make me feel feelings.
  7. Beating my own self doubt- challenging myself- winning over my fears- it’s a sickness really that started about 2 years ago… I didn’t even realise I had a problem until I started seeing significant changes in my life, my relationships and how I think of myself…. weird right?
  8. My friends. Seriously. These people are worth their weight in gold to me. I’m so blessed to have the friends I do. These guys are my cheer squad- my support group- my accomplices- my conscious, and sometimes my lifeline. The people in my life whom I am lucky to call friend are one of the biggest resources in my life for laughter and compassion. My friends have become my family, where many of my family are not my friends. (Those that are, are even more previous to me)
  9. My Animals. I love my fur babies who are hilarious, kind and beautiful soul companions.
  10. Look to be honest I was going to put Food again- and I realise it’s already on here but it’s super important to me, even though I haven’t listed my Husband. I just kinda figured it was obvious that yes- he does make me really happy. I guess I could break it down like this.  10a) Going out to eat food with my Hubby. 10b) Ordering Ubereats with Hubby. 10c) Having Hubby cook me food. 10d) Cooking food with Hubby.

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