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Pets: My Animal Companions… Get to know me!


So in keeping with a running goal of posting one blog per day I thought today I would introduce my Pets! Currently, our family includes 2 dogs, 2 cats and a yabby! Three of my pets have names inspired and influenced by my obsessive love for Battlestar Galactica….

Mr Alucard

(yes, it’s Dracula spelled backwards) is my big black lab x rotti. He’s super friendly with other dogs, and cats but he is skittish around adult humans that he doesn’t know. He is about 7 and a half- and has started getting grey on his chin like an old fella. He’s gentle with the kids and very patient- Honestly he has one of the best temperaments I’ve ever seen in a doggo.


is my little frenchie- almost two years old she’s a bit nuts. She’s hyper and loves being the center of attention. She’s usually snuck into the kids bedrooms to sleep on the bed- even though we don’t really let them sleep in our beds. Caprica is spoiled and snuggled all the time by the kids and she loves every minute of it. She’s weird about other dogs- always hates her ass being sniffed and she’d the first one to growl at the park. Having said that her and Mr Alucard are disgustingly loving towards each other.


is my fat cat. He will eat all day if we let him and he’s been known in our neighbourhood for being that annoying asshole of a cat to get stuck up on the roof 3 doors down. He’s picky about being affectionate (aren’t all cats though?) and he prefers to stay outdoors when possible. I’m positive that he house hops to anybody that feeds him.


is my petite cat- (Pic not available) She’s gentle, affectionate and spends a lot of time cuddling up to my neighbour and keeping him company more than me! I always try to sneak her extra food and treats when Apollo isn’t around….

Mr Yabbie….

Newest edition to the house. Unplanned- inherited and saved from someone who didn’t want him anymore and didn’t know what to do with him. He is bright blue- about 1 year old. He is the first Yabby we’ve ever had we it’s been fun learning about his needs and species. We dropped a pretty sum of cash setting him up in a new tank and he seems pretty happy- he hasn’t escaped yet so I’m thrilled!


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