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Meal Prep for Self Care

Self care changes from day to day, depending on where my head is at. Sometimes its having a luxurious bath, getting my hair done at a salon and other days its showering and brushing my teeth if that’s all I can manage.

One of my newest exercises in self care is meal prep. Now, I’m not a fitness freak, or on a specific diet or way of eating but I have noticed several positive benefits that meal prepping has for me.

Its been a bit of a struggle to motivate myself this week and honestly still recovering from the enormity of anxiety that smacked me in the face on Wednesday night coming home from the Eminem concert in Perth.

So I’m grateful for a 3 day weekend and chance to recharge while focusing on down time, watching my shows and pottering around the house. However, my mind is still racing, stressing over the weeks ahead and how best to play tetris with my time.

With that in mind though, I have started making meal prep a priority and the last 2 weeks that I didn’t, is reflected in how many food choices I made out of hunger, stress, despair and at times I didn’t eat at all because it all seemed too hard.

It’s pretty easy to take care of myself by eating well, when I plan to. Without that forethought though, on a moment to moment basis, it’s easier to put eating well at the bottom of the priority list. Especially when I’m stressed, dissociative, anxious, juggling and prone to sabbotage.

I used to scoff at the idea of meal prep and how it might hinder the spontaneity that comes with planned meals, but the positive impact it has for me on time saving and keeping my energy and motivation up is too noticeable for me to deny.

In the past I haven’t experimented with meal prep because I would get overwhelmed with knowing what to cook, shopping and then setting aside the time to actually put it all together. But I found some great inspiration through pinterest and by googling different recipes and since I order most of my groceries online (which also saves me a tonne of time), doing meal prep is fairly painless.

Since January, I’ve been on a bit of a kick to declutter and streamline my day to day activities and meal prep has definitely been one of the defining aspects of the changes.

I’ve also been working towards culling my wardrobe down to a capsule which as far as day to day goes, having less choice has definitely meant less feelings of overwhelm when I’ve got better things to do with my time.

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