Trees in brisbane

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Trees in brisbane

Brisbane… That time I fell in love.

I went to Brisbane at the end of March. First time visit there for me and it did not disappoint! My husband and I went over together, leaving the kids with family to get away for a weekend while we attended a seminar at the QUT. (Which is for another

meal prep

Meal Prep for Self Care

Self care changes from day to day, depending on where my head is at. Sometimes its having a luxurious bath, getting my hair done at a salon and other days its showering and brushing my teeth if that’s all I can manage. One of my newest exercises in self care

Perth Maternity Photography

A little Maternity Photography

Had a wonderful opportunity last year to do some Maternity Photography with the lovely Ebony! Maternity shoots are becoming a favourite for me and I’m always so thrilled to be asked! What a privilege to be apart of creating beautiful memories!

An Afternoon with Spectradoll

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo 2018


What’s on my playlist- Top 10.

Baby- Bishop Briggs   2. Feelen- Your Girl Pho   3. King- Jamilla 4. Beautiful- Jamilla 5. Bleeding Out- Grace Armstrong Bleeding Out by Grace Armstrong 6. I Told You I Was Mean- Elle King 7. Darkside- Ty Dolla $ign & Future feat. Kiiara 8. Dynasty- MIIA 9. High Enough-

Perth Make up Artist

Dark Vanity Make Up Artistry

  Dark Vanity Make up Artistry and I got together earlier this year for a shoot! Not only is this girl a magician with make up, but also stunning and creative behind the lens! Go check out her page and see what she’s been up to!

My Pets

Pets: My Animal Companions… Get to know me!

  So in keeping with a running goal of posting one blog per day I thought today I would introduce my Pets! Currently, our family includes 2 dogs, 2 cats and a yabby! Three of my pets have names inspired and influenced by my obsessive love for Battlestar Galactica…. Mr

Happy Dez

10 things that make me really happy…

Spending time in nature; at the Beach, a lush park, lake or in the hills looking over the city are an instant mood booster for me. Being in peaceful spaces makes me feel peaceful. Getting to know my kids more and more as they grow up. These kids of mine

Darkly Portraits

Dark Portraits with Spectra Doll

  Dark Portraits created with the amazing Spectra Doll and Dark Vanity Make-up Artistry  earlier this year. Puhlease go check out their pages and show them some love as these awesome ladies are brilliant to work with and just pretty fucking cool humans! This is a bit of a preview really as