Day 1: NaNoWriMo

Just about 4 days ago a friend of mine posted something on facebook which caught my attention. I clicked through to NaNoWriMo and after having a good snoop into what it was all about, I decided why not give it a go.

Why not take a challenge. I’m all about that these days…. yup! I’d had a plot line I’d been messing with in my head and spent a few hours on Sunday bringing it all together with a bit of planning. Something I don’t usually do, but could see being a useful option for me and decided to go that route.

The biggest hurdle I create for myself now is trying to edit as I go. Which won’t help me in the race to put down 50,000 words by Nov the 30th.  I’m looking forward to giving this a go and seeing what I can learn about myself in the process. More exciting than that, however, is the possibility of meeting some new people who I might have some things in common with.

So my count for today so far is 3892 words and I know I’m not finished for today. I’ll check in with my progress as I go… should be fun/interesting/nuts/enlightening.


WPC: Transmogrify #1

I’m super excited about the prompt for the photo challenge this week! Here’s my first contribution. It’s a sexy self portrait that initially I stuffed up that incidentally fits.  Explore other posts on Transmogrify !





She was waiting there a long time for the right moment.

Sick of feeling and absorbing fear through the oxygen in that house.

Her hands were constantly dusty from pawing at the old plaster board walls.

The climbing and scratching there had peeled the once soft skin away.

Somedays, she would dance in her room accepting the flaking dust,

Play pretending it was snow.

Play pretending it was ash, as she dreamed to breathe in the remnant of her soul.

Fighting through the swollen lids, butchered hands and bleeding lips,

It was the moment she’d saved for. Her strength.

She laid waiting a long while there,

Wondering if it was the old rickety latch that gave her way.

She wanted to feel the warmth of the summer evening so badly,

But now, even on the heat of the footpath,

all she felt was cold.

Part of her was laying far out of reach,

Her hair a sticky red mess. Her mind exposed.

All she could do was keep waiting

Knowing that she’s gone so far for this night.

She had left the old river house.

Enjoying the sounds, the breeze and stars.

and he finally kept a promise.

Promises Murray River
You always told me not to make promises I couldn’t keep.

Yet, you taught me that your promises,

Were given to make me bleed.

Wishful thinking, hopeful and beyond

Your promises were made to me, given to deceive.

I watched your words patched in stitches

Caress the white pillows where I laid my head.
The place where I dreamed.

Off in the distance I found solace,

My body mangled through confusion.

There was no rebuttal worth a voice.

No words to amor in the chaos.

Your promises were given to disguise.

Her promises were given to hide your lies.

Hedonism in Art

Would it not be true to say that most images produced today, are about Hedonism in some way or another? Paintings, photographs, print media and even what we see splayed over social media sharing or inspiring the pursuit of please and self gratification. We expose and share facets of our lives in pursuit of the things that make us happiest, or necessarily we aspire to make us happy. Notably, it is assumed that hedonism is predominately about sexual and bodily happiness but the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus taught hedonism beyond the physical realms. His teachings sought to inspire that happiness should be found within, for people to live simply and untroubled.

In art, the representations of hedonism flicker between modesty, vulgarity, romanticism and eroticism. Here are some of the art that I have always felt drawn to, that inspire the pursuit of happiness in whatever form I find it.

The Swing: Jean-Honore Fragonard 1767
The Swing: Jean-Honore Fragonard 1767


Cupid and Psyche
Cupid and Psyche


Perspective 1923: Tamara De Lempicka


La belle Rafaëla 1927: Tamara De Lempicka
La belle Rafaëla 1927: Tamara De Lempicka


“where there’s smoke there’s fire” 1930: Russell Paterson


Pornocrates 1896: Felicia Rops
Pornocrates 1896: Felicia Rops

Art Crush: David Booth

Art Crush: David Booth

Artist Website:

When I First Fell Inlove: In 2010 while studying at Tafe I watched a documentary which was aired on ABC TV Artscape back in 2009. The documentary was about Ghostpatrol and Miso and their collaborations in Street Art.

About Their Work:  Check out this video by Creativemornings HQ

What I Love About Their Work:  I’m a big fan of the imaginative, whimsical and innocence of his drawings and I love exploring the worlds he creates with the characters he draws. I’ve never been to Melbourne to have had an opportunity to see his street work in person, though it’s definitely on my list of things I’d like to see if I ever get the chance. I really respect and enjoy his perspective on his work and the why and how of what he enjoys. To me, this is what makes his work really awesome.

My Favourites of Their Work:

Pencil Art Illustrations