Brisbane… That time I fell in love.

I went to Brisbane at the end of March. First time visit there for me and it did not disappoint! My husband and I went over together, leaving the kids with family to get away for a weekend while we attended a seminar at the QUT. (Which is for another blog post!) Now that I’ve been on a plane a few times and worked out that I can travel safely with my camera, you bet I took my baby along for the trip!

South Bank puts Perth to shame… The lush greenery, the night life and not to mention the 24/7 Pancake Parlor that’s in an old Cathedral…. Shame…

Of course, it was a wet, humid heat that kind of makes you feel like you need a shower, the second you step out onto the street. Honestly, I think I could get used to it, but it would take some time!

Brisbane was never somewhere I wanted to see or spend time, as most of the hype has always been for Melbourne… and my trips to Melbourne were pretty great, but not great enough that I could see myself living there.

The things that struck me about Brisbane is the gorgeous architecture, trees everywhere, weird whistling pigeons(?) and how even on a Sunday night at 11pm we could step out for a decent meal and the city was still pretty lively.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the snaps and come back later when I tell ALL about the reason why we headed over there in the first place! Highly recommended for those true crime fanatics!!!!

A little Maternity Photography

Had a wonderful opportunity last year to do some Maternity Photography with the lovely Ebony! Maternity shoots are becoming a favourite for me and I’m always so thrilled to be asked! What a privilege to be apart of creating beautiful memories!

Dark Portraits with Spectra Doll


Dark Portraits created with the amazing Spectra Doll and Dark Vanity Make-up Artistry  earlier this year. Puhlease go check out their pages and show them some love as these awesome ladies are brilliant to work with and just pretty fucking cool humans!

This is a bit of a preview really as I’ve had a massive chunk of time free up now that I’m not juggling studying on top of everything else! (That’s right! I finally completed my Diploma of Practice Management! Huzzah for me!)  I’ve spent the majority of this year feeling like I’ve been in constant battle with my shadow self- and watching people around me also suffer the same, so I’ve got a few more Dark Portraits sessions planned to really delve into the nitty gritty of it all!

WPC: Lines

Lines: WordPress Weekly Photography Challenge April 2018

Popped my head in to find this weeks Photo Prompt was Lines which fitted nicely for the session I’d spent down in Fremantle, snapping about for the afternoon. It’s been a little while since I’ve gone out for a street photography session and yesterday was a perfect day! Fremantle was buzzing with people and the weather was beautiful! (I even think I might have got a bit burnt- OOPS-)

Nothing’s perfect…


A little bit of Newborn Photography


My sister had a beautiful baby in January and we’re all deliciously smitten with him!  No really, we eat babies here…. well… more like nibble! Photographing babies is not really my forte, but for family and close friends I don’t mind taking cute candid shots because it means the pay off for me is family time, and soaking up the youth that new life brings.

I love looking at Newborn Photography, I mean some of the work out there is crazy amazeballs and a lot of effort goes in to getting that shot perfect with sometimes the tiniest window of opportunity. Newborn Photography is pretty much nailing trick shots… in my opinion.

So I’m probably not the chick to call if you want that really perfected Newborn Photography look… let’s leave that to the pros, however… I’ve got a lot of friends up the duff and new babies happening in my circle…. (somebody definitely spiked the water here in Perth)… so maybe you’ll be seeing some more cute babies here and there, and me nailing trick shots….

Maternity Photography

Here’s a sneak peak of my favourites with my gorgeous sister!

I’m super keen to offer more Perth Maternity Sessions in the new year! One of my biggest regrets, and the regret I hear a lot from other mums, is that we didn’t get any photos of themselves while they were pregnant.

Whether it be because they hated the changes they were experiencing in their own body, they didn’t feel comfortable having pictures taken, or they couldn’t find a photographer to do what they wanted, not having any maternity photographs taken is a common regret.

This impromptu shoot with my sister was done at my home, on a sunny Saturday afternoon with a little preparation and my gifted (lol) skills at curling with my flat iron. No frills, no fuss, no pressure and nothing that was awkward or too elaborate.

Maternity photographs are precious to look back on and years later, I really wish I had some of my own.

So, if you’re knocked up, you know someone who is knocked up or you’re the lucky guy who knocked someone up….let’s collaborate on a perfect maternity photography session! Book Now!!