Am I responsible for my own Hair/Makeup/Outfit?

Yes. While I am happy to recommend options for you in regards to styling it is your responsibility to come prepared for your session. I have props, costumes that are available to clients on request at no extra charge. 

Who decides what we do for my photoshoot? 

Your photoshoot is for you and we will work together to identify your intention and inspiration for wanting to be photographed. Once you have contacted me then we will consult via email/phone/in person to discuss the details and get to know each other. I will send you a questionnaire which you can complete that will guide me in helping you. 

Can I choose my preferred shooting locations?

Yes. I love location shoots and am willing to travel at NO EXTRA COST FOR UP TO 50KM from Perth City, Western Australia. Alternatively, I have a few places that I can recommend.

I want to do boudoir but I hate my bedroom, where can we shoot?

I offer boudoir photography sessions from my home with full access to props, costumes, chairs and privacy. These sessions must be booked in advance and session times are limited. Please contact with your preferences. 

Alternatively, keep an eye out for upcoming luxury boudoir photography events which I’ll be holding periodically at luxury locations! 

What happens if the weather is unfavourable on the day of the shoot?

In the event that the weather is terribly shit, either too hot, cold or too wet and continuing with the session is unpreferred, I am happy to reschedule your booking at no extra cost. 

There is a minimum allowance for drizzling rain that I am prepared to work with if you decide to explore the possibilities of working with what nature throws at us. It’s totally YOUR CALL. ( If it’s really shit, though, and weather won’t permit us sneaking a photoshoot safely then I reserve the right to reschedule.)

How much retouching do you do to the photographs?

I am light-handed in my editing unless it is requested by the client for extreme modifying or manipulation. 

How do you deliver the photos?

Turn around time for finished photos is 2 weeks. I will offer a digital viewing and then you will be able to select the ones you wish to keep and then you can make your selection for your fine art prints. Once your prints arrive I will deliver them in person or they can be picked up from North Perth.

Can I ask for a customized package?

Preferably no. My packages are simple, hassle free and packed with value. It makes life much easier for everyone this way. Having said that, if you don’t ask you don’t get, but please don’t be offended if I decline! 

Booking Fee?

There are no booking fees at this time. However, repeat cancellations or no shows will not be given offers to reschedule. 

 Can I upgrade to a different package?

Of course 

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, EFTPOS, Bank Transfer and Paypal. Payment Plans are available.

Can I bring a partner or friend to my photo shoot for support?

Hell yes! If I was going to a photo shoot I’d be definitely bringing moral support! However, to ensure an easy work flow it is preferred that you only bring 1 person.

How long does a typical session go for?

I do offer a small 1 hour package but the usual booking time is 2 hours. Photography events are the exception here as they will usually be run over the course of a day or evening.

For any other enquiries please email: