A little Maternity Photography

Had a wonderful opportunity last year to do some Maternity Photography with the lovely Ebony! Maternity shoots are becoming a favourite for me and I’m always so thrilled to be asked! What a privilege to be apart of creating beautiful memories!

Maternity Photography

Here’s a sneak peak of my favourites with my gorgeous sister!

I’m super keen to offer more Perth Maternity Sessions in the new year! One of my biggest regrets, and the regret I hear a lot from other mums, is that we didn’t get any photos of themselves while they were pregnant.

Whether it be because they hated the changes they were experiencing in their own body, they didn’t feel comfortable having pictures taken, or they couldn’t find a photographer to do what they wanted, not having any maternity photographs taken is a common regret.

This impromptu shoot with my sister was done at my home, on a sunny Saturday afternoon with a little preparation and my gifted (lol) skills at curling with my flat iron. No frills, no fuss, no pressure and nothing that was awkward or too elaborate.

Maternity photographs are precious to look back on and years later, I really wish I had some of my own.

So, if you’re knocked up, you know someone who is knocked up or you’re the lucky guy who knocked someone up….let’s collaborate on a perfect maternity photography session! Book Now!!