A little bit of Newborn Photography


My sister had a beautiful baby in January and we’re all deliciously smitten with him!  No really, we eat babies here…. well… more like nibble! Photographing babies is not really my forte, but for family and close friends I don’t mind taking cute candid shots because it means the pay off for me is family time, and soaking up the youth that new life brings.

I love looking at Newborn Photography, I mean some of the work out there is crazy amazeballs and a lot of effort goes in to getting that shot perfect with sometimes the tiniest window of opportunity. Newborn Photography is pretty much nailing trick shots… in my opinion.

So I’m probably not the chick to call if you want that really perfected Newborn Photography look… let’s leave that to the pros, however… I’ve got a lot of friends up the duff and new babies happening in my circle…. (somebody definitely spiked the water here in Perth)… so maybe you’ll be seeing some more cute babies here and there, and me nailing trick shots….