Dark Portraits with Spectra Doll


Dark Portraits created with the amazing Spectra Doll and Dark Vanity Make-up Artistry  earlier this year. Puhlease go check out their pages and show them some love as these awesome ladies are brilliant to work with and just pretty fucking cool humans!

This is a bit of a preview really as I’ve had a massive chunk of time free up now that I’m not juggling studying on top of everything else! (That’s right! I finally completed my Diploma of Practice Management! Huzzah for me!)  I’ve spent the majority of this year feeling like I’ve been in constant battle with my shadow self- and watching people around me also suffer the same, so I’ve got a few more Dark Portraits sessions planned to really delve into the nitty gritty of it all!

Wild Women Photography

In my last written post Wild Woman. Wild Me. I shared a little about my self discovery on my journey to know and share the wild me. One of the things I had been planning over the winter this year, was for a wild women photo session, as soon as the weather picked up nicely.

The whole point of doing this, was to get together with other women who felt inherently drawn to exploring their own wild selves and capture images that would tell their and share their story. It was a beautiful day which has made me realise that doing this type of photography is what makes me really fucking happy.

After a few weeks of concern that the spring weather wouldn’t join us, we managed to get out into the beautiful Mundaring National Park here in Perth, Western Australia and enjoy what nature has to offer us. It was a small group of brilliant, funny, beautiful and soulful women who really made the day special for each other and for me too. I am spectacularly humbled and inspired by the confidence, courage and wisdom that each of these ladies bestowed, shared and empowered among each other and myself.

I’ll be updating the new Wild Women page in my creations regularly but also here’s a few from the day: