WPC: Path

I feel like I’ve been finding my Path all year and there is no end in sight for how far I’m going to be traveling. I’m accustomed to changes, turns, and choices that come up which affect the direction of my “path”. More than anything I think this year has been a development in accepting uncertainty and learning to ebb and flow more fluidly.

Over the last week, I have moved into a space of self-doubt and can feel a storm cloud brewing beside my ears. The rumbling of negativity is patient, and waiting for the right moment to seize me with lightning bolts to my sensibility.

Yes, this week I feel dark. I feel drawn to trying to make a plan to keep it all from crumbling beneath me… but I lack the motivation to action this. Instead, I just keep swimming between points of complete busy chaos and reclusion.

My creative brain is being stunted, I need run to wild…

WPC: Transmogrify #3

Two of my wickedly funny little people treated me to some brilliant faces and I celebrate them. I celebrate their confidence and love for making other people laugh and smile. Their ability to go out there and not hold back inspires me. I love how comfortable they are with exploring those grotesque natures and faces of themselves without reservation, and that they accept them so freely as being a part of who they are.

Another one for this weeks photo challenge: Transmogrify

Here’s a few more that I loved this week:



WPC Challenge – Transmogrify




Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

In Remembrance of Sunny Film


Transmogrification in Nature: Weekly Photo Challenge

Transmogrify: The Meta Selfie

Trompe l’œil – Subtly transmogrified town hall

Man made Transmogrification:Milk bottles and plastic bags : Weekly photo challenge



WPC: Transmogrify #2

HIs Majesty’s Theatre 1926 (Perth Western Australia)
His Majesty’s Theatre 2016 (Perth, Western Australia)

Some of the other entries on Transmogrify for this week’s Photo Challenge.

These are a few that have spoken to me:

Just a Fallen Tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrified

Those Red Leafs Floating in Creek

weekly photo challenge: transmogrify


Curse the Pigeon Pose

Under the Full Moon

Wide-angle Halloween portrait



A Kitten or a Witch?


WPC: Transmogrify #1

I’m super excited about the prompt for the photo challenge this week! Here’s my first contribution. It’s a sexy self portrait that initially I stuffed up that incidentally fits.  Explore other posts on Transmogrify !