Perth Maternity Photography

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Perth Maternity Photography

A little Maternity Photography

Had a wonderful opportunity last year to do some Maternity Photography with the lovely Ebony! Maternity shoots are becoming a favourite for me and I’m always so thrilled to be asked! What a privilege to be apart of creating beautiful memories!

An Afternoon with Spectradoll

Darkly Portraits

Dark Portraits with Spectra Doll

  Dark Portraits created with the amazing Spectra Doll and Dark Vanity Make-up Artistry  earlier this year. Puhlease go check out their pages and show them some love as these awesome ladies are brilliant to work with and just pretty fucking cool humans! This is a bit of a preview really as

WPC: Transmogrify #3

Two of my wickedly funny little people treated me to some brilliant faces and I celebrate them. I celebrate their confidence and love for making other people laugh and smile. Their ability to go out there and not hold back inspires me. I love how comfortable they are with exploring

4 years married this week. 13 years together.

  And we live another day!