In the Secret Garden with Spectra Doll

For Spectra Doll’s June shoot, we got together in the “not so” Secret Garden! Honestly, it’s beautiful, and I’d heard many things about this location over the last few years and more so now that I’ve “came out” as a photographer. The Secret Garden is Unusual for its mystic and charm being located in amongst a reasonably new residential development. For all that I’d heard about it, the Secret Garden is accessible and open to the public. Nobody “owns” it and people frequent the area quite often. Often enough that it prevented us completing the shoot without being interrupted by locals.

So, for what it’s worth it is a lovely little location that I would use again. Being a lover of nature, with my own preference for shooting on location the Secret Garden provides a sweet location within 15 mins of home that will get the job done. The only down fall is that it’s too busy for doing nude work, at the risk of offending anybody that passes by.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day but if you’d like to see more then visit


Sisterhood on the Bibbulmun Track

So I took off on an Adventure on Friday 31st of March, leaving behind a shitstorm of stress, uncertainty, and crap. Yes, March wholeheartedly was unintentionally loaded like most of 2016 was. While March did deliver some great days, great moments the reality is it was a tough slog to absorb and I was glad to be getting far away from it.

A few months ago I’d been contacted about going on a retreat where I’d be taking photo’s throughout the event and doing a mini- photoshoot group session for the group of ladies who attended. After attending Nerida Mills retreat last year, there is no way I’d pass it up! Though, once again I had no idea what I’d be getting myself into, in the best way possible.

I’ve been doing retreats now for a little over a year and one of the things that attracted me to this one was that it presented with a physical challenge that I have been aching to dive into! Hiking!!! The Wyld Women Nature Walk Retreat offers women the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle and take part in walking some of the beautiful Bibbulmun Track here in Western Australia. Yes, all my boxes were ticked!

One thing I have noticed in the year I’ve been going to retreats is that a very organic occurrence of sisterhood emerges out of these experiences. Whereas before, I was Prudent about my interactions with women and spending time with them was something I did not seek out, as I do now. There’s something incredibly magnetic for me, in finding this happy place where total strangers gather and can share and support one another in the most beautiful ways.

It’s a new thing for me and something I am grateful for.

We walked a total of 20km on Saturday, weaving, climbing and dragging ourselves through the thick Dwellingup landscape. It was stunning, sensational and simply exactly what I needed. On our journey we shared our stories, got to know eachother and enjoyed what the land hand to offer. Through this, friendships were formed and bonds were made and at the end we were exhaustedily happy. Our trek gave us space to connect with eachother, nature and ourselves. For this I am entirely addicted! I want more!

I’m hungry for more connection! I’m invigorated to seek out more sisterhood and connection. I absolutely can not wait to explore the truths that I have come to realise about what I want, who I am and how to implement some of the lessons I came to learn over the weekend.

There were moments of self-realisation, raw emotion as well as strength and the balance of vulnerability. Tapping into the things that triggered a whole range emotions and being apart of or being privy to other people going through that emotional rollercoater is powerful.

Women creating safe spaces is vital to sisterhood and what I continue to learn for myself is that women are vital to me. Knowing women is crucial to me being more of my innate self. I don’t think there is anything quite like the love and support we can give and receive when we’re open to it. After this weekend, I’m more convinced than ever!!!



WPC: Transmogrify #2

HIs Majesty’s Theatre 1926 (Perth Western Australia)
His Majesty’s Theatre 2016 (Perth, Western Australia)

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Journey Underground


I was sitting with my back straight and leaning against the trunk of a tree. I could feel the mid afternoon sun, and warmth. It felt calm. There were the subtle sounds of birds and nature which lifted my attention. It took a moment, but when I was ready I let my eyes gently flutter open which revealed the marvellous jungle city. The old stairs where I used to meet my friends were loaded with moss, grass and vines. It was beautiful.

Over where the lifts once were, I thought I saw a shadow move. Leaving my comfortable patch beneath the tree I wondered over to investigate. The whole lift was gone, nothing remained. It was dark. Barely any light was to be seen, as the dirt walls absorbed it all. I leaned in to see better, finding that there were slight stone steps. Stepping stones that seemed to lead somewhere. Somewhere Underground. It was curious.

I followed slowly down the path. Steadying myself by brushing my fingers along the dirt walls. I knew my fingers would get grubby and I didn’t care. It felt endless. After a good while I could hear the sound of movement. It seemed to move through the air. Rather slowly a light seeped into the tunnel. In the path of light I could see a little bird. His feathers were blue and his belly white was white. He was waiting.

I arrived at the bottom of the tunnel. All the stones for me to stand on had run out. I didn’t know how far underground I was. It felt far. But standing there I was at the entrance to a field. The sun washed over everything, making it glow. Tall wisps of grass towered around me as I walked. I followed the bird, my friend. Letting him lead me to a space in the middle of the field where there was a flat rock embed on the land. It was red.

The bird flew around me, flapping with delight before taking off towards the sun and disappearing. It felt bright. When I turned my gaze back to the rock, I noticed a woman sitting cross legged facing inwards of the stone. She had long dark hair and pale skin. Her dress looked like it was made of the softest material and glowed emerald green. She nodded to me, wanting me to sit opposite her. I manoeuvred my body to face her and crossed my legs. It was warm.

The woman looked into my eyes and into my face. She had a strong look about her, with eyes that matched the green of her dress. It felt intimidating. I watched her very closely, and listened very hard. I waited to hear her words to me. Then, we both reached up, laying our palms and fingers to touch. Holding them there, I heard her speak to me. When she spoke it was in a language I did not know, but somehow understood. It was truth.

Our bodies seemed to sway, building a rhythm as we rocked back and forth. Our hands were still connected. Fingers came down between each other, holding tightly. It felt electric. I noticed a purple dust, rising up from beneath our rock. It sparkled in the glow of the sun, throwing out sparks of white as I watched it spiral around us. Leading up into the sky, moving in time with our bodies. I kept listening to her truth until she wanted me to tell her mine. It was hard.

We worked for many moments. Not resting at all. I pleaded for her to speak to me more clearly but she just laughed. It felt strict. I withered to keep going, but obeyed the rhythm we created. Pushed my mind through the sphere that was built to shield me and opened my heart. Quickly as I did this, her hair turned golden and everything went still. I was full of understanding and knowing of my path. She smiled to see me shining and kissed me on my cheek. It was soft.

In my hands she placed a brown paper box. Though, she warned to open it when I got home. I nodded for her instruction and offered her a kiss of my own. It was genuine. Then from my place on the rock, I followed my way back. Back through the field to the door of the tunnel. I climb up the stairs, which took less time to climb to the surface. And as I stepped into my urban jungle I was swept into a tide. It was underwater.

Promises Murray River
You always told me not to make promises I couldn’t keep.

Yet, you taught me that your promises,

Were given to make me bleed.

Wishful thinking, hopeful and beyond

Your promises were made to me, given to deceive.

I watched your words patched in stitches

Caress the white pillows where I laid my head.
The place where I dreamed.

Off in the distance I found solace,

My body mangled through confusion.

There was no rebuttal worth a voice.

No words to amor in the chaos.

Your promises were given to disguise.

Her promises were given to hide your lies.